Confirmations, Refund, Shipping and Return Policy 

Thank you for your purchase of our products at Brown’s Furniture.

The manufacturing of all wooden products will commence upon receiving an order. Once the order is confirmed, the duration of shipment will be notified, which will vary depending on the specific item.

If the customer’s order crosses the value of PKR 15,000, they must make a payment of 50% of the total amount in advance.

We provide a beneficial replacement policy that can be applied if certain criteria are satisfied, however, regretfully, we DO NOT provide any refunds.

If any product is damaged upon delivery, we provide at no cost a replacement for it. To qualify for a replacement, it is necessary to file a complaint using the provided phone number or via email instantly upon receiving the order. To be eligible for return, the product must be in the same state as it was when you first received it, and it is recommended to carefully package the return shipment to avoid any harm to the product during transit. Failure to report any issues upon delivery guarantees that the products have been delivered in perfect condition and any following complaints will not be attended to.

Once the delivery is made, it is impossible to adjust or change the order.

The company shall not bear liability for any potential harm resulting from the transportation of goods via restricted passageways and stairs.

Extra fees will be applied for deliveries to levels other than the ground floor if a freight elevator is not accessible.

Delivery dates are provided without any responsibility for any delays caused. Under no circumstances will the company accept responsibility for any compensation, damages, or refund of advances. For any deliveries that exceed the specified delivery date and time, Brown’s Furniture will process the replacement of the product in a timely manner, taking up to 15 business days at most, after receiving the product in a satisfactory condition.

For appliances and electronics brands, the warranty offered may take precedence over Brown’s Furniture Returns Policy.


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